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How to respond to a dick pic



You head over to a family gathering excited to see some relatives and eat good food.  ESPECIALLY the macaroni.


As soon as you get to the gathering your little cousin asks the question that little cousins always ask.


Handing them your phone you excitedly head over to the kitchen to see what kind of food everyone brought.  In the kitchen you hear a startled yelp coming from the designated kids area and the pitter patter associated with a child hurriedly walking.  The pitter patters source is your younger cousin whom you gave your phone to play games.  They loudly whisper that someone has sent you a picture of their “privates” and hold the phone up to your face to see.


Staring back at you is a big fat “eggplant”.  Or a small “eggplant”.


After your initial embarrassment you are tasked with formulating a response to the picture.  How do you respond?  Some options on how are to follow:

  1. Respond with a picture of a cold drink

You probably are sooooo hot and ready after viewing that sweet eggplant.


Cool your Little Caesars pizza hot and ready self down with a cool drink.  While hydrating make sure to snap a photo to send to your unsolicited eggplant pic sending “friend”.

Black Woman Drinking Water

2. Respond with an honest rating

This is easy, just rate it on a 10 point scale and send it to them.

3. Respond with a picture of a cat

They sent you a picture of their d!@#, so it’s polite to send a picture of your pussy.


If you don’t have one the internet is full of pictures of cute pussies you can use!


3. Respond sarcastically

A sarcastic remark like “Awww, I love unsolicited eggplant pictures!” or “Yay I’m going to f$%@ this phone and imagine its your eggplant” show your sense of humor and are a nice-nasty way to say “…no”.


4. Don’t respond


Perhaps the simplest response of all time, nothing.

5. Respond with an inspirational message

This person obviously has psychological issues if their just randomly sending nude pictures online.


So send something to inspire them and hopefully ease their inner pain.


7. Respond with another “eggplant picture”


8. Respond with a request to be financially compensated for the viewing

They can’t get the pleasure of showing you the eggplant for  FREE. No, they should have to pay, and you should suggest payment.

N word usage not condoned

9. Respond without regard for the picture

Simply continue your previous conversation or begin a new one.  This will ultimately lead to them  asking whether or not you received the eggplant picture to which you can respond honestly.

10. Be honest

Just be real.  If you like being surprised with a good old picture of an eggplant say so, if you do not then express it.  If you do not directly say that you do not like unsolicited eggplant pictures it will be assumed that you do like it and will continue. (1)

Why black girls have big butts

Disclaimer: Some people love to claim that “we are all the same”. This ideal is unfortunately not true. There are various physiological adaptations that groups of people have developed as a result of external circumstances pertaining to them over thousands of years. An example of this phenomenon can be witnessed in the differences between African elephants and Asian elephants. They are both elephants, however differences in everything from skin density to diet can be evidenced.





In recent years the curvy physique has become popular in the mainstream. The main stream media features girls with wide hips as the ideal and big butts as desirable.



One would forget that it wasn’t too long ago that the ideal body was devoid of the curves celebrated in the modern day.



The sudden popularity of Brazilian Butt Lifts and the uplifting of women with obvious fake butts leaves women with naturally large rears perplexed. They had to navigate a society in which their big thighs, wide hips, and big butts were often ridiculed by the mainstream. In addition to that they also had to deal with the emotional confusion of being considered highly desirable and attractive to those in their own areas with like-minded individuals and mediocre to others in the mainstream.


These physical attributes also were attributed to being black; and prior to 2005 being black was the worst thing you could be.



While in the modern day claims that black women often have bigger butts naturally than their lighter skinned counterparts are considered outrageous by the sudden crop of thin and white girls with large fake butts or athletic and toned ones; a combination of history and fact has shown this belief that genetically other races are equally exposed to big buts as people of African descent to be untrue.


In addition to numerous caricatures of black women portraying exaggeratedly big behinds is history of phrases and sexual exploitation of big black butts. There also is often drawn a correlation drawn between big booties and black girls.


Big lips and big butts are ugly! Only on black girls though #culturalappropriation


Holding the assumption that black girls have larger and more pronounced butts than other races leads to the question of why? Why do black women have big butts? In the following paragraphs this question will be answered.




Meriam-Websters dictionary defines steatopygia as ” a genetic characteristic leading to increased accumulation of adipose tissue in the buttock region, is found in women of sub-Saharan African origin, most notably (but not solely) among the Khoisan of southern Africa and Pygmies of central Africa. .” Steatopygia is an adaptive trait theorized to have developed initially among women in hotter cllimates as it increases surface area on the body and thus increases area for the body to disperse heat.


As Black Americans are descendants of the Sub-Saharan Africans who initially garnered the trait, Black Americans are still reported to have this gene.







So big butts are not just wallets, they are also air conditioners!





According to the U.S Census Bureau “Of all the people who reported as Black in Census 2000, 54 percent lived in the South”. The majority of Black Americans live in the southern United States. As a result many partake in “southern” foods laden with butter and bacon grease. I’m talking Beans, Greens, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Lamb, Rams, Hogs, Maws.



This diet high in fat results in bigger EVERYTHING.




There are NUMEROUS examples of black girls having big butts in the media. From Nicki Minaj to Beyoncé black celebrities are admired for their derriere’s as much as they are for their art .



Whether positive or negative the words big butt usually bring to mind an image of a black girl.



The words fake big butt bring to mind this.



So black women are genetically inclined to have a nice rear end. But you don’t have to be black to have a nice butt. You can always workout!



Sorry….you can also buy one!



What do you think about butts? Can anyone have a big butt?





Does race matter in camming?




As I frequently note, I grew up in a neighborhood comprised of mostly Black Americans. As a result of this lack of diversity a comfortableness with expressing stereotypes based on race was common. It was not unusual to hear “Black people always loud” or “you know white people can’t dance” quite frequently. Although I have been exposed to vast diversity since my childhood and repeatedly have evidenced these stereotypes to be false I am led to believe that these stereotypes are still held by the majority of society due to de facto segregation and the frequency of micro-aggressions commonly made against minorities. Little defense mechanisms made by others upon my approach are so common that I do not even notice them! It is only when I am with someone of a race unfamiliar with them are they pointed out to me. Racism is just as prominent today as it was in the era of Jim Crow.


In 2019 a lot of Americans would like to believe that we live in a post-racial society; unfortunately this is not true. Data shows that as a society we are more racist than ever (Pew Poll). This is confirmed by The Huffington Post which states that “racism still manifests itself frequently in everyday life”. Evidence of racial disparities in schools, jobs, wealth, etc. are expounded upon to validate this claim in the Huffington post article. In this article a brief expose’ on racial disparities in the webcam world will be examined.





It has been driven into our heads for decades that a beautiful woman is a dainty white woman with a slender frame and tiny features.



This dream girl had to have pale soft skin and sexy wavy hair. Her thinness evidenced her fragility and need to be protected by a big strong man. Due to her weakness she was prone to frequent fainting spells. Thankfully the help was always there to catch her sexy self.



The help was usually a heavy set black woman and was not seen as sexy. This perception of dark-skinned black American women as the overweight sidekick to the cute and sexy white or light-skinned girl is one which has been blasted by the media for decades.




This unconscious association of black women as less attractive is very evident in the world of camming. To validate this I perused the homepages of a few popular camming sites. In my passive research I counted a total of only four phenotypically black girls on the homepages of six different camming sites. This was only 4 women out of about 500 girls!


Unfortunately, this racial difference was also evidenced to affect tips procured. Using a small sample size of only twenty models financial rewards were 70 percent higher for models that did not appear phenotypically black.


I evidenced an obvious layer of racism within the cammming community quite a while ago. The absence of diversity on the homepage was evident to me immediately. Yet, when I pointed it out to people of other races they reported that they had not noticed this. I have also been led to wonder whether I notice racism and colorism more than those who do not experience it because I am frequently affected by it. I say this as a response to the gaggle of non-black people who will think “racism? RACISM? it’s all in her head no ones racist.”



Let me end part one of my series on race now. Don’t fret! I will continue to explore racism in the sex industry monthly.


Tune in on the first Friday of every month were we will discuss race-related topics to camming! Also, what are your thoughts on this topic?

Are camgirls artificial fantasies?




I initially set out to determine whether or not camming was considered sex work thus enabling camgirls the ability to adopt the title of “sex worker”. In my quest I stumbled upon a post titled
“The Emotional Side of Camming”. The article was written for Vice magazine and was accurate as it drew examples and quotes from camgirls at the time. It was definitely an interesting article about “the physical and psychological strain on women in an industry where success is dependent upon consistency and access is often conveniently forgotten”. It explored that topic well and in its support of its thesis mentioned the similarity between camgirls and Samantha in the film Her.



Her is an Academy Award winning film that “follows Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix), a man who develops a relationship with Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), an artificially intelligent virtual assistant personified through a female voice”


The article only used the comparison as a simple example and briefly touched on it but I found it to be fascinating and wanted it to be expounded upon more. Thus, this article was born.


So armed with a bag of popcorn I set out to rewatch the film Her. This time watching I made sure to watch the film from a perspective of a camgirl focused more on Samantha than Theodore. With the aforementioned lens I noticed a few things.


My first observation was in how Theo (in my opinion) talked sh** about his wife and hyped up this Operating System chick who hasn’t had to deal with his bs and doesn’t have to worry about working 40 hours a week while caring for a manchild while still being expected to have sex every night.



I was about to ride up on Theo and put these paws on him for my girl Karen but then I remembered that I’m black and the law isn’t exactly in my favor.



My second observation was how Theo idolized Samantha and projected a personality upon her that matched him perfectly and when Samantha expressed ideals that did not match these Theo lost interest. Theo’s loss of interest was portrayed visually in the scene in which he basically shunned the sexual advances of the surrogate sex partner.


This scene relates to camgirls as it embodies the initial obsession with them prior to getting to know them as entities that are multi-layered and bigger than 1 dimensional fantasies. It’s easy to project perfection on someone whos just a voice and in the case of a camgirl an image. However, when that girl is staring you right in your face perfection becomes slightly more difficult to project.



A lot of frequent viewers like camgirls and imagine camgirls just lounge around like this:



When in actuality camgirls lounge around like this:



Because camgirls portray a fantasy; embodying characteristics that may not exactly embody her true self yet fulfill the needs of the Theo (or viewer) in the situation it is fine for them to mold their personality to fit the needs of whomever they are matched with that day.


Theo needed someone to talk to and to give him confidence so that he could get over his impending divorce just as Theo’s friend Amy need a friend to make her laugh following her separation.


No matter the situation the Operating System was prepared to make it all better. This final statement can be directly applied to camgirls. Like Samantha, a camgirl can be whatever you need at the time.



Camming in an Interabled Relationship


I like to watch cams when I’m on break.  I don’t watch cams with the intent to masturbate.  Nothing’s wrong with pussy!  I have one myself.  It’s just not my proffered protein.


I watch cams for ideas on what material to bring to my cam and also to form friendships  with no ulterior motives.


It is interesting to  chat with models and figure out what brought them to a camsite and what keeps them there.  It’s even more fascinating to discover what they plan on doing after!  I’ve met aspiring astronauts, actors, rappers, chefs, etc.

I’m like a proud mom on my site, hyping up everybody and acting like they’re the best.  I act like they’re all on the basketball team and I’m the proud mom on the sidelines doing too much.


As much as I like hearing about the future endeavors of camgirls I also enjoy hearing about their current situations.  Many of the models that I view have been forthcoming about their current status.  The  majority of the statuses divulged to  me have not been drastically different from my current situation, however there has been one situation that is surprisingly common that has been new to me.  That is the fact that many camgirls are the caretakers in an interabled relationship.

Interabled relationships are couplings in which one partner is differently-abled and the other able bodied.  Typically the able bodied person acts as a caregiver for their differently abled better half.  Changing their diaper, helping them get dressed, feeding them, etc.

While being responsible for care giving they also encourage intimacy.  Prioritizing their relationship status over the differently-abled status of their partner.

(Also notable is the fact that in my research I came across hundreds of interabled partnerships and the able bodied person in every one that I saw was always a woman.  What happened to “sickness and in health” men?  Seems to me like the second your girl coughs dudes be out bringing they sidechick into your crib


while women hold it down and wipe your butt like Michael should have done for Angela.


In order to financially provide for themselves as well as their differently-abled partners many of the female entities in interabled relationships prefer camming as it allows them to work from home and be able to have quick access to their partner in the case of an accident.

Camming also allows camgirls to set their own schedules.  With that allotment camgirls can work at times when they are not needded by their partner.

Do you know anyone in an interableed relationship?

Do Not donate to Charity!


A popular phenomenon that has been evidenced for years now is that of sharing a percentage of your income with charitable organizations. Whether it’s the insistence of paying 10 % of your income every Sunday to God (God is synonymous to pastor, they have to pay their mortgage some way!) or giving 10 cents a day to a starving child in Africa; giving financially is encouraged.



It has been the norm, up until recent years, to donate to non-profit organizations. A study done by researchers from Texas A&M using data gathered from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics from the University of Michigan—which collects information on personal income, wealth, education, and spending—to determine the likelihood that someone gave money to charity and how much he or she gave found this decline to be true. The survey data included a sample of 13,000 people asked about a range of topics on an annual basis from 2001 to 2013. This allowed researchers to compare giving patterns before, during, and immediately after the Great Recession while controlling for factors such as income, wealth, state of residence, the local housing market, race, gender, and family size.


About 61 percent of households reported giving to charity in 2000, with an average gift of about $2,600. As a proportion of income, that means that the average person gave away 3.7 percent of his or her earnings. And each year after 2000, charitable giving increased by one or two percentage points until 2008, when the recession started and contributions began drying up.


The study failed to account for the lowering value of the American dollar and the affect of such on disposable income of those responsible for charitable giving. Ten years ago you could get a cheeseburger, fries, a drink, and buy the guy hanging outside the corner stores mixtape for $5.00.



In 2019 You can’t even get a decent sized burger for $5.00.



This as well as more knowledge on the low percentage of your donation actually used on the cause has also led to a decrease in donations. According to about a quarter of your donation to a charity goes to administrative and marketing costs. That’s like loaning someone 100 bucks and they give you back 75.



An even higher percentage is withheld in donations to some organizations. A popular non-profit organization is reported by to only spend 51% of your donation on aspects related to it’s cause!


If I give $50.00 to a charity that 50 better go to that cause, not support some rich guys video game obsession.



So in light of those facts I advocate for camgirls who want to donate to give back using other methods.



For example, using excess tips to make it rain on other models that indicate they’re pregnant or are not receiving what they deserve that night. I advocate for community wealth building so keeping money in your community is a benefit to you ultimately as well!


Another option is to buy a bunch of school uniform shirts at Goodwill and donate them to an inner city school. Goodwill is literally giving away uniforms in the summer. I know for a fact we have to wear uniforms at public schools in New Orleans and every year there were always kids in my class whose parents could not afford to buy them uniforms.


Lastly if you MUST donate consider donating to a smaller organization. An organization that won’t use your donation to pay for its Super Bowl commercial or Advertisement in Teen Vogue magazine.


Do you donate to charity? Leave your answer below!







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Top 5 Affordable (and cute!) self defense weapons




Unless you are living under a rock you have probably heard about the government shutdown.



If you have been staying warm under your rock and missed it no fear! This post will provide you with a basic understanding of a government shutdown.



The Gaurdian defines a government shutdown as “a situation in which the government stops providing all but essential services”. The biggest threat of the government shutdown, in my opinion, is the suspension of SNAP (formerly known as food stamps), WIC, SSI, Medicare, etc. The majority of U.S citizens report that they think Food Stamp recipients look like this:



When in reality statistics show that they look closer to this:



The imminent possibility that people may not receive funds needed to procure a necessity conjures thoughts of mass hysteria amongst the population. I’m talking The Purge: Anarchy type of hysteria.



That’s right, not the happy almost comical “hysteria” of The Purge 1.

This hysteria is especially fearful for those who share their location information and status to masses of all socioeconomic statuses. This criteria is met by many cam models.  Due to this heightened vulnerability to violence it is extremely important that camgirls, in addition to other sex workers, be prepared to defend themselves! What better way to defend yourself than with a nonfatal weapon because #blacklivesmatter and just because a person is trying to rob you doesn’t give you the right to kill them.


It would be great if we never have to use self-defense weapons but in the words of Paul from 90 Day Fiancé “it’s better to not need it and have it than need it and not have it”. So below is a list of five weapons under $30.00 you will need for February.


Camo folding lock back knife



This blade is only $3.00! It may be low in cost, but its high in it’s ability to f%#@ s*&^ up! With this blade you will be able to successfully shank the desperate man that tries to rob you in the parking lot at Publix.


Wild Kat Keychain



Few can deny that this keychain is really cute; and at $5.00 it’s also affordable! How could something SO cute be a weapon??? The cats eyeholes double as finger holes for an inconspicuous knuckle ring. So while at first glance one might see a cute keychain, a powerful punch lurks behind the façade.


Lipstick Stun Gun 3 Million volts Pink



This tiny stun gun is so discreet you can sit it in your purse and friends will simply assume that its a tube of lipstick Howver, big things come in small packages and this is no exception. This stun gun holds 3 million volts and doubles as a flashlight.


Mace® PepperGard® Disguised Pen Pepper Spray Black



This pepper spray disguised as a pen is useful in more than one way! You’ll never have to ask the person next to you to borrow a pen. Or to get back. The pen will make that request clear.


13.5″ Survival Knife with Sheath



This affordable knife is only $16.99! However, its low cost doesn’t mean low quality, the blade on this knife is as sharp as that of a knife 3 times as much as this one.


Are you prepared for the Purge-like conditions that will occur due to the government shutdown?

8 things you need to know about female orgasms

about female orgasms about female orgasms about female orgasms

If winning the lottery and world peace had a love child the child would be the female orgasm.

Equal parts pleasure and biological necessity, a good orgasm is all you need in life.  Well, that and water; and food; and shelter etc.

girl agreeing

Ok maybe its not all that you need, but it sure is nice!  Here are 8 facts about the female orgasm that may help you “reach the climax that your man can’t make” (One More Chance by Notorious B.I.G).


Some women have orgasms while they exercise (i.e., “coregasms”).

Young Woman Doing Pushups on Bench

So, you’re elongating your life, looking thinner, AND having an orgasm?!  What other super activity has that many benefits?


In addition,  physical activity also releases endorphins in your brain.  The same stimuli released in antidepressants and sugar.  So not only will you possibly have an orgasm but you will feel happier either way.


 Most women report that a longer penis does not increase their likelihood of reaching orgasm during vaginal intercourse


Apparently size doesn’t really matter!  You can refer the clients who would like confirmation of this to this science based evidence article on


It’s not easy for women to reach orgasm

Young couple in bed, man sitting up with arms crossed, portrait

You are not alone if you have never experienced an orgasm! According to Rowland, Cempel, and Tempel, as reviewed in their recent study Women’s Attributions Regarding Why They Have Difficulty Reaching Orgasm,” reports of difficulty or inability to orgasm in women range from 10 to 40 percent. External factors such as stress at work or medical issues are often to blame for this problem.


Orgasm gets better with age.

sexy old woman

This fact drums up fond memories of my grandma telling me how she is having the best sex shes ever had now, in her 70’s at the time.  Looking back, that topic of conversation may have been a bit innapropriate…But apparently as her ease at achieving orgasms increased her filter in conversations decreased.


Women can experience orgasm in their sleep

Mid-adult couple sleeping

Two of my favorite things to do are to sleep and have sex!  The combination of the positive factors of both sounds fantastic!  Orgasming while asleep is a subconscious activity that cannot be controlled.  So, unfortunately, you cannot force  an orgasm to happen while sleeping.  Doctors compare this phenomena to sleep walking.

The environment and social factors affect the ability of a woman to achieve orgasm


“Setting the mood” is a needed step in being able to achieve an orgasm.  Other factors that affect our social lives such as a fight with a friend or disagreement with a coworker can also diminish the ability to orgasm.

It’s a form of cardio


Forget the treadmill, you don’t even have to leave the bed to improve heart health.  Orgasms increase your heart rate and are a great way to get your daily cardio in.

It relieves stress

stressed womanA way to relieve stress is to have the brain release endorphins.  Endorphins are like reminders to your brain to be happy.  Studies have shown that many illegal drugs such as heroin cause your brain to release endorphins.  An alternative is orgasming.  Orgasms are also found to release endorphins and to relieve stress.

Can I ask you a question?


My most asked question is a tie between “How does that pussy look?” and “Can I ask you a question?”. The first question is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require more than a few words to answer or drum up an intense emotional response. The second one does.  Although the immediate response is a simple yes or no the uncertainty of the following question weighs on you. Will it be perverted? Humorous? Angered? WHAT WILL IT BE?!

crazedblack person

Thankfully, this uncertainty does not last too long and is ended soon with a question that belongs in one of the categories mentioned. Some of the most unique questions that I have been asked while camming and my thoughts on them are below.

1. “Have your brothers’ friends ever tried to have sex with you?”

What I’m thinking: Hell no! I don’t walk around the house in a full face of makeup and a bombasss wig wearing lingerie. I doubt anyone would be willing to jeapordize their friendship for a girl in a wig cap, hanes t-shirt, and sweat pants.

2. “Can I call you the N word?”

What I’m thinking: Due to the that way my black pride is set up I’m going to have to say no, but it definitely is shady to me that you are turned on by degrading someone based on the color of their skin.


3. “Want  to see my dick?”

What I’m thinking: All dicks literally look the same to me, unless your dick is starshaped or something I don’t want to see it.  Unless you pay me.  I do want to see it for some tokens.

pile of tokens.jpg

4.”Can you poo and then eat it on cam for me?”

What I’m thinking:

chris rock disgusted face

5. “Have you and your brother ever had sex?”

What I’m thinking: Incest isn’t really my thing, plus I’d never bang a guy who wears socks with sandals.  That’s were I draw the line.

socks with sandals.jpg

6. “What is your fantasy?”

What I’m thinking: Winning the lottery.


7. “Is it ok to masturbate 5 times a day?”

troll detected

8. “If I buy you a flight can you fly here and have sex with me?”

What I’m thinking: This is a camsite, not Craigslist.


9. “Are you bisexual?”

What I’m thinking: Money doesn’t have a gender, so if you’re willing to blow money on me and you’re a woman I’ll be bisexual that night.

10. “What size dick do you like?”

What I’m thinking: The size attached to a rich guy.

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