Fetish Fridays: Furries



Through my research on the furry fandom I learned that my assumptions of it were wrong.  I also learned that I was not alone when it came to this particular belief and that furries are pretty adamant about dispelling it. That is the belief that furries are a fetish.  Furries are not a fetish, they are a fandom, and furries do not like to be referred to as a fetish.


The definition of furry is “an enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics, in particular a person who dresses up in costume as such a character or uses one as an avatar online.”.  By this definition most of the kids who ever watched Space Jam are furries.  Don’t act like you didn’t think Lola Bunny was fine.


Furry-ism was actually normalized to us millenials!  Every popular Disney movie from the 90’s attributed human characteristics to some animal character.


I was surprised to learn that only a small percentage of furryism is about sex and that a lot of it has to do with the associated social aspects.  Furries have conventions, dinners, movie nights etc.  They just convene in their furry alter-egos.  I’ll admit I would be a bit shocked if I walked into a restaurant and saw a group of people dressed as farm animals sitting at a table, but “what you eat doesn’t make me s%$# and who you f*h# don’t make me cum” so if you like it, I love it.


The economic power in the furry community is strong.  Which translates to “they got money”.  So if you’re like me and was a ho in your past life, which you admit, and you want mo’ money, I suggest dubbing one night a month your “Furry meetup”.


Promote it on Twitter, Instagram, etc. and tell your followers.  Make a flyer and let Furries know it’s happening.  When the night comes don a mascot head with some lingerie and just do what you would normally do on cam.  Watch as the money comes in .


Some suggestions of furry costumes for you to purchase or put on your wishlist are below.

Fursuit mascot costume head Halloween, Ebay.com


Pawstar Yip Tip Dark Fox Furry Ear Headband and Plush Tail Costume Combo; Amazon.com

furry heaClever Idiots Inc. Animal head mask; Amazon.comfurry head


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