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Scams to look out for when camming

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Scams are inevitable in the world of camming.  In the words of the great Smokey notable pairs include “peanut butter and (no) jelly, Kool-Aid and (no) sugar, ham and (no) burger” and camming and scams.

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According to an article on The Stranger the demographic of webcam models is largely comprised of people in the age group of 18-25.  This age group is also responsible for falling victim to 29% of scams. This makes the webcam industry a paradise for all the scammers.

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The reason why scams are able to be successful is due to the ignorance of many cammodels of their existence.  I remember falling victim to the “OMG (insert name)?!” scam due to the flaw on my  behalf of not knowing it existed!  This article seeks to minimize this ignorance by listing out the Top Five Most Used Scams.

1, “OMG! (insert name)?!”

This scam has actually gotten me once, and is tried on me several times a week.  But now that I’m hip to it I’m not able to fall for it as easy.  It involves a person messaging you and expressing that they know you and are shocked to see you camming.  Believable scenario, right?  Then the scammer uses that premise to propose they can fix a problem with your cam and to contact them via text on their  work phone to assist you.  The scammer benefits by getting your contact information and maybe some dirty pictures.

2. “I’ll buy you an item of your wish list for a show”

In this case the scammer dips into their arsenal of photoshopped receipts to show you that they have successfully purchased an item from your wish list.  As payment they request a password show.

3. Racks of tokens sent by greys (Chaturbate)

I, also, fell for this scam at the beginning of my camming career back when I was trusting.  Grey users do not have tokens, so if a grey user “tips” you on Chaturbate chances are it is not real.  Grey users will dip into their arsenal of photoshopped images to produce false images of them tipping for a password show.  If you fall for this scam you can expect to provide a whole lot of sex acts for free.

4. They request an interview via a private password show

In this scam a viewer will propose that they are interested in interviewing you for a modeling position, campaign, etc.  Before they offer you the position you will need to prove yourself worthy via an interview directed by them.  What results is you providing a whole lot of sex acts for free.

5. Blackmail

Blackmail is one of the oldest scams.  A viewer puts on their detective hat and is able to dig up some personal information on you.  Like your real name, email address, etc.  They then proceed to threaten to expose the information unless you send them pictures, videos, or something else.

Have you  ever fell victim to a scam? What advice would you give to a cammodel to prevent being scammed?

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