Can I ask you a question?


My most asked question is a tie between “How does that pussy look?” and “Can I ask you a question?”. The first question is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require more than a few words to answer or drum up an intense emotional response. The second one does.  Although the immediate response is a simple yes or no the uncertainty of the following question weighs on you. Will it be perverted? Humorous? Angered? WHAT WILL IT BE?!

crazedblack person

Thankfully, this uncertainty does not last too long and is ended soon with a question that belongs in one of the categories mentioned. Some of the most unique questions that I have been asked while camming and my thoughts on them are below.

1. “Have your brothers’ friends ever tried to have sex with you?”

What I’m thinking: Hell no! I don’t walk around the house in a full face of makeup and a bombasss wig wearing lingerie. I doubt anyone would be willing to jeapordize their friendship for a girl in a wig cap, hanes t-shirt, and sweat pants.

2. “Can I call you the N word?”

What I’m thinking: Due to the that way my black pride is set up I’m going to have to say no, but it definitely is shady to me that you are turned on by degrading someone based on the color of their skin.


3. “Want  to see my dick?”

What I’m thinking: All dicks literally look the same to me, unless your dick is starshaped or something I don’t want to see it.  Unless you pay me.  I do want to see it for some tokens.

pile of tokens.jpg

4.”Can you poo and then eat it on cam for me?”

What I’m thinking:

chris rock disgusted face

5. “Have you and your brother ever had sex?”

What I’m thinking: Incest isn’t really my thing, plus I’d never bang a guy who wears socks with sandals.  That’s were I draw the line.

socks with sandals.jpg

6. “What is your fantasy?”

What I’m thinking: Winning the lottery.


7. “Is it ok to masturbate 5 times a day?”

troll detected

8. “If I buy you a flight can you fly here and have sex with me?”

What I’m thinking: This is a camsite, not Craigslist.


9. “Are you bisexual?”

What I’m thinking: Money doesn’t have a gender, so if you’re willing to blow money on me and you’re a woman I’ll be bisexual that night.

10. “What size dick do you like?”

What I’m thinking: The size attached to a rich guy.

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