Camming in an Interabled Relationship


I like to watch cams when I’m on break.  I don’t watch cams with the intent to masturbate.  Nothing’s wrong with pussy!  I have one myself.  It’s just not my proffered protein.


I watch cams for ideas on what material to bring to my cam and also to form friendships  with no ulterior motives.


It is interesting to  chat with models and figure out what brought them to a camsite and what keeps them there.  It’s even more fascinating to discover what they plan on doing after!  I’ve met aspiring astronauts, actors, rappers, chefs, etc.

I’m like a proud mom on my site, hyping up everybody and acting like they’re the best.  I act like they’re all on the basketball team and I’m the proud mom on the sidelines doing too much.


As much as I like hearing about the future endeavors of camgirls I also enjoy hearing about their current situations.  Many of the models that I view have been forthcoming about their current status.  The  majority of the statuses divulged to  me have not been drastically different from my current situation, however there has been one situation that is surprisingly common that has been new to me.  That is the fact that many camgirls are the caretakers in an interabled relationship.

Interabled relationships are couplings in which one partner is differently-abled and the other able bodied.  Typically the able bodied person acts as a caregiver for their differently abled better half.  Changing their diaper, helping them get dressed, feeding them, etc.

While being responsible for care giving they also encourage intimacy.  Prioritizing their relationship status over the differently-abled status of their partner.

(Also notable is the fact that in my research I came across hundreds of interabled partnerships and the able bodied person in every one that I saw was always a woman.  What happened to “sickness and in health” men?  Seems to me like the second your girl coughs dudes be out bringing they sidechick into your crib


while women hold it down and wipe your butt like Michael should have done for Angela.


In order to financially provide for themselves as well as their differently-abled partners many of the female entities in interabled relationships prefer camming as it allows them to work from home and be able to have quick access to their partner in the case of an accident.

Camming also allows camgirls to set their own schedules.  With that allotment camgirls can work at times when they are not needded by their partner.

Do you know anyone in an interableed relationship?

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