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Hey guys!  So in an effort to focus on growing this platform through guest posts and other time consuming efforts Life of a camgirl will be taking a four week hiatus from weekly posts.  The regular schedule of new posts every Friday will resume Friday May 24th.

Realistic no sew DIY Lingerie

So you know those “cheap” diys for pretty items?  The instructions claim the materials only cost like ten dollars but then the items needed to actually do it cost like 50 and are difficult to find.


I’m talking to you double sided tape!

The final straw is when the tutorial says that it will only take fifteen minutes but it ends up taking five hours and you end up with this:


So in this realistic DIY that is not the case.  It actually costs 5 dollars and requires the use of regular household items that the typical person has.

The end result is a beautiful bow-like lingerie piece:


Do not fret if your first go looks a bit closer to this


I actually like this more, its giving me

“Yeah ah ha, you know what it is
Everything I do, I do it big
Yeah ah ha, screaming that’s stuff
When I pulled out of the lot, that’s stuff
Step up in my town when you see me you know everything
Black and yellow, black and yellow
Black and yellow, black and yellow”

kid dancing

Point is you’re (maybe) not a seamstress and may need to finagle your creation or use some tape.  However you choose to do it I’m sure it will turn out great.

Bow Lingerie DIY


4 hoop earrings

1 pair of scissors

1 bundle of 5 inch wide ribbon (I found mine at my Goodwill)


1 bundle of gift wrap paper for measuring, unless you have actual measuring tape, that works, too, I guess

Step 1: Using your gift wrap measure your torso; do this by holding the gift wrap vertically starting at your waist and then marking on the white part of the paper were the top of your head stops.

Step 2: Using this measurement multiply it by 3 and that is how much ribbon you will need to cut off for your body piece. Your shoulder strap will be about 1/3rd of the original measurement.

79306FB3-BF84-4F06-BD1A-8B0A1E672DCB (1)

Step 3: Using two of the hoop earrings fasten both ends of the strap piece onto the body piece, fasten the bonds 1/3rd of the way on the ribbon reserved for the body.


Step 4: Tie your ribbon into a “naughty knot” around you.  A video detailing how to this is outlined below.

You’re now complete!  Rock your lovely Bow lingerie while camming! I suggest making it a game, saying you unwrap it at goal!

What type of Lingerie to wear to make the most money

Many people like to be visually appealing to the opposite sex, especially during “sexy times”.  This desire is amplified when money is involved.  I, personally, am willing to dress up like a chicken and seductively say that I taste good fried if someone is willing to pay me enough, but this article is not about my lack of shame or appealing to a minority, that’s for another article ;).

chicken costume

This post is about appealing to the masses and what are the preferred types of lingerie according to men.  A study done by the Huffington Post sought to discover the answer to this statistically by conducting a survey on of 2,700 men to discover their preferences.  The results garnered by this survey are depicted visually in the graphic below.

55b145181500007600174150I honestly think the answers to these questions were fueled by ignorance on the samples behalf of what the bras asked about really look like. Ask the next guy you see to describe a balconette bra.

I’m betting that they can’t.  But, regardless or not of the ignorance or bias of the sample the results point to the fact that the majority of men prefer push-up bras and thong panties.  I, personally, prefer a chicken suit but I guess most men don’t…

Using the data results procured by the Huffington Post I have compiled 8 lingerie sets that are perfect for camming.  These lingerie sets range in price from very cheap to high priced.  So they are the perfect gift to ask for on your wishlist.  Have a patron that complains they cannot afford to buy you a pricey toy from your wishlist?  You can direct them to one of the lower priced sets!

Classic lace

classiv lace

Avidlove Women Sexy Lingerie Lace Babydoll Bodysuit Bralette Bra and Panty Set ; $17.98


 Men wear lingerie, too!

Male Power Shoulder Harness with C-Ring Waist Band Black.jpg

Male Power Shoulder Harness with C-Ring Waist Band Black; $19.99


3. The Best gift ever Lingerie


Naughty knot unwrap me sexy body bow; $19.99


BBW Approved lingerie

plussized lingerie

Oh La La Cheri Curves Plus Size Open Cup Crotchless Lace Teddy

“I’m a slave for you” Lingerie women


Dreamgirl X-Rated Open Cup Wet Look Dress; $29.99


  “I’m aslaaaaaaaave for you” lingerie men

Male Power Poseidon Fetish Thong and Shorts

Male Power Poseidon Fetish Thong and Shorts; 34.99

 Sexy Roleplay Lingerie


Lovehoney Fantasy Plus Size French Maid Basque; $49.99

“Ray Charles to the bulls#*%” lingerieray

Naughty little secret; $34.99

Which piece is your favorite?  Do you have any recommendations?  Leave them in the comments below!



What life of a cam girl is about

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